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mani kamini is sanskrit and means desirable jewel


I want each piece of jewelry to be a treasure and I like to play with exclusive materials in new expressions. Working with different textures, colors, and surfaces in the metal inspires me. Every piece of jewelry is hand crafted and unique. The jewelry is made of precious metals with carefully selected gems or enamel. I have chosen to produce mani kamini in Norway.


Benedicte Sparstad designer and goldsmith



On a rooftop, high above the busiest shopping street of Oslo, Benedicte Sparstad designs and crafts her Mani Kamini jewellery.

Her family’s roots go far back with many great craftsmen in Norwegian folk art traditions such as wood carvers, traditional rose painters and of course goldsmiths.

Benedicte grew up in Oslo and on the family farm in Vang in Valdres, where she as a child loved to play in her uncle’s old smith while treasure hunting and daydreaming about the red liquid metal that had been transformed there into beautiful objects. It was also in Vang that she fell in love with the beautiful and dramatic wild nature that would come to influence her jewellery.

Inspired by her background she translates her passion for colours and patterns into beautiful pieces with a strong substantial presence yet always feminine.

Her collections convey a balance between timelessness and a modern style. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted, unique and made in Norway. They are rich with organically inspired shapes and often include stunning stones or enamel, following a longstanding Norwegian tradition.

Mani Kamini designs aim for an earthy effortless look.

Sparstad began her career as a jeweler in 2007, and received her Journeyman certificate as a goldsmith   in 2010. Since then she has owned her own business, and founded Mani Kamini in 2010.